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Please consult the Sabbatical Policy Guidelines before completing this form. Once submitted, it will go to your department chair and dean for review.

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Have you ever taken a sabbatical before?
Have you ever requested a sabbatical before?

Please attach a complete description of your proposed sabbatical project. In your response, include the following: 

  • What are the educational goals you will attempt to achieve to support research and/or teaching?
  • How will the sabbatical increase your contribution to the mission of the University?
  • Why does this project/activity require a sabbatical leave?
  • At the end of the sabbatical leave, will the project/activity be complete, or what portion of the project/activity will be complete?
  • How will the results of this project/activity be demonstrated?
I will return to my position for at least one academic year at the end of my sabbatical. *
I will submit to the department chair a detailed report of my accomplishments while on sabbatical leave within three months of completing the leave. *